New To Yoga? Time To Refresh?

9 Week set flow progression class // Starts Saturday 5th September 

Start: WEEK 1 Saturday 5th September

End: WEEK 9 Saturday 31st October


SET FLOW is unique to Adelaide Yoga Flow.

Dan is currently the only teacher in Adelaide who is teaching this sequence. It is based on Yoga Synergy’s (Sydney), Yoga Fundamentals sequence designed by Dan’s teachers Simon Borg-Olivier and Bianca Machliss.

The intention is to teach students the most effective way to practise yoga for the best benefits, and learn how to use the postures and movements to enhance circulation, minimise stress, and increase strength and flexibility.

This progressive class format is a 9 week learning experience.

Dan will break the Set Flow sequence down focusing on different poses week by week with increased instructions and emphasis on correct alignment and posture. We will start with a reduced sequence and build on it every week. Dan will teach the simplest form of each pose through to more complex versions.


  • Ideal for Beginners and also experienced students looking to refine their practice.
  • Students new to yoga will find this a very accessible way to get started on the mat at AYF.
  • Those experienced in Set Flow will gain a better understanding of the poses and sequence.

Dan will also add some poses in the later weeks that aren’t taught in the general level class for those wanting an extra challenge. These will of course be accompanied by a simple version accessible to all.

The Aim.

To learn the fundamentals of the sequence first and by week 9 having a final practice with very little verbal cues creating a meditative flow.

This is not a course that you are required to sign up for. Option to join at anytime. There is no extra cost and no attendance requirements. By attending this class for the entire 9 weeks will greatly enhance your yoga understanding and practice.

Please note ALL students can attend 6pm Tuesday SET FLOW without attending the Progressive classes.


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