Below outlines AYF policies and procedures as well as commonly asked questions about yoga. If you have any questions which are not listed below, then please do not hesitate to ask our teachers before or after a class, or contact our studio via email.

AYF is located in Myrtle Bank. Address details are provided via email upon confirmation of class booking. We ask you to book minimum 2 hours prior to your first class to allow us time to send you the studio information/address via email.

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From the 9th of June 2020 you will need to book prior to arrive in order to avoid disappointment.

Bookings can be made via our booking system called MindBody. If you are new to this software, please refer to the FAQ post How to book using the MindBody App.

Bookings for your first class – Please book minimum 2 hours prior in order to receive email with studio information / address. We do not state the full address on the website or on social media. If you book last minute, then please allow time to travel to Myrtle Bank. You will need to call the number on the website for the full address.

Cancellations are required at least 2 hours prior to class start to avoid being charged. This is to ensure students on the waitlist do not miss out.

All mats and props are provided in studio and are sanitised after each class.

If you are joining us as an online student please refer to our FAQ post AYF Live Stream Classes User Guide.

Please ensure you arrive 5-10 minutes early to your online or studio class. In-studio the doors are locked at the start and for the duration of every class. No late arrivals to ensure no disruption to the teacher or class. Please also refer to our FAQ post on how All students and teachers must sanitise immediately upon entry.

During the class you should feel free to rest at any time if at any point you feel that you need to rest, then please take Child’s pose even if the teacher does not specifically cue it – and then rejoin the class when you are ready. Please refer to our FAQ post on during class for guidelines on if you are late, savasana, and leaving class early.

After class you should communicate with your teacher if you have any questions or concerns about your yoga practice. Please refer to our FAQ post on after class for more information on making sure you take your own belongings and engaging in conversations outside of the studio room for more information.

If you have any other question please do not hesitate to contact us.

  1. Option 1. $12 for Online Day Pass allows you to join one or more classes on that day
  2. Option 2. $90 for 1 Month Unlimited Pass
  3. OR use your current Studio Pass.
  1. To join online class, please book ONLINE DAY PASS via Mindbody.
  2. Students signed up for the ONLINE DAY PASS will receive an email in the morning of the day requested with Zoom meeting details.
  3. Download Zoom onto your computer, tablet or phone
  4. Dress appropriately for a yoga class (we will be able to see you as well as you see us)
  5. Set up your mat & props in a quiet location with as few background distractions as possible
  6. Ensure you can see your computer or mobile device clearly and your sound is turned on so you can hear the teacher
  7. Simply click on the email link to join the ‘meeting’ a few minutes before the scheduled start time.
  8. (N.B. The first time you use Zoom it will automatically launch the Zoom App to your computer or mobile device. There is no need to sign up to Zoom – the App is free, quick & simple to install)
  1. On joining your audio will automatically be set to ‘mute’ to minimise background noise and distractions, but you can choose to temporarily unmute if you have any questions for the teacher or wish to say hi to your fellow yogis.
  2. Your video will automatically be set to ‘on’ so we can all see each other (just like in a normal class) but you can choose to switch your video off for privacy if you prefer.
  3. Once the class starts the teacher will mute all participants to minimise distractions until the end of class.

Absolutely. If you can breathe, you can do Yoga. Variations are always given to suit your experience and energy levels.

Please note we do not offer Prenatal yoga. If you are pregnant and have not done yoga before then we suggest attending a specialised prenatal class.  We can suggest teachers if you need guidance on where to go.

If you have had regular practice and are at least in your 2nd trimester, then please call to chat to Sam before attending a class at AYF.

We currently do not offer kids yoga but from time to time we run Kids Yoga Workshops.

You don’t have to be flexible to start yoga. This is one of the most common misconceptions about yoga. In fact, the more inflexible you are the more reason you should practice yoga.

Yoga is ultimately about balancing the mind, body and soul.

Eating: come to class on an empty stomach. Refrain from eating 2 hours before class. If you have food in your stomach many of the postures, especially inversions, forward bends, and strong twists become uncomfortable.

Drinking: it is important to come hydrated so make sure to drink plenty of water before, during and after class.

Arrive: Log on 5-10mins before class starts. Doors are locked at the start of each class. No late arrival permitted.

Start: with a smile and an open mind. Let go of instant gratification and attachment to ego. Commit to a regular practice and over time the space created on the mat will permeate your life.

Bring: you’re welcome to bring a yoga mat, any props you may want, a hand towel and water. We do offer mats/props in studio for complimentary use.

Wear: light, soft, comfortable clothes. Socks should be removed to prevent slipping on the mat.

We encourage the regular practice of 1-3 times a week. Most importantly, it’s about doing what works for you and maintaining your practice over the long-term. Don’t beat yourself up if you are unable to attend a class.

Remember – find your balance on and off the mat.

Check out our other FAQ posts on using the MindBody app to book your class, studio etiquette, what to do when you arrive, as well as during class and after class.

Our live stream platform delivers the same high standard of teaching and classes to you that you can expect from attending our AYF Studio, however, highly recommend that students new to yoga first attend classes in the studio before online.


  1. Book and pay for your Online Class Pass using our online timetable or using the MindBody App
  2. You will need to have an email address linked to your account, so if you normally drop in to classes and/or purchased a pass in the studio please contact us and we will help set up your online profile.
  3. We ask you book the day before as we send the Online Class information at the start of each day. If you decide on the day to join any listed class marked with an asterix then please email us to add you in.
  4. Please do not book into a studio class time as these spots are required for students attending class in person
  5. Any questions about booking please do not hesitate to contact us via email – info@adelaideyogaflow.com.au – or via our online form under the contact tab.

See our other FAQ points for online pricing, what to do before joining, and online class etiquette.

1. Log onto MindBody website or app – Click here

2. Existing students please use your email and password to sign in. If you have forgotten your details then please contact us to reset your account.

3. New students will please create an account. Any issues please email us for assistance.

4. Please note there is a strict cancellation policy. If you are unable to attend a booked class then please cancel minimum 2 hours prior to avoid late fee (casual visit).

Please ensure you arrive 5-10 minutes early. Doors are locked at the start and for the duration of every class. No late arrivals due to security and also to ensure no disruption to the teacher or class.

All students and teachers must sanitise immediately upon entry.

Shoes: remove them upon arrival and place them in the designated area

Mobile phones: ensure they are turned off or on silent/vibration setting off. Phones are to remain in reception.

Inside the studio: please respect the yoga space by entering quietly. Simply enjoy the peace and practice being present.

Personal belongings: please place in storage shelves in the reception area. Best to bring as little as possible in with you. Please note we lock external doors for the duration of classes.

Positioning your mat: orient your mat so you will be facing the teacher. If you are new to yoga and are trying out a class that may have some more experienced students in it, then you might consider placing your mat in a row behind the front so you can follow along more easily. Place your props and your water bottle nearby your mat to keep them handy, but make sure they are not in your way.

Other people’s mats: for many people, their mat is a safe, sacred space. Please respect this by not stepping on others’ mats, if at all possible.

Rest at any time: if at any point you feel that you need to rest, then please take Child’s pose even if the teacher does not specifically cue it – and then rejoin the class when you are ready.

If you are late: Being on time is essential. If the door is locked, then it’s best to come back for another class. The beginning of a class provides the opportunity to center and warm up, and joining in a class without having had this can risk injury and can also be distracting for fellow students.

Savasana: otherwise known as Corpse pose, is the last pose we do in every class, and consists of lying down on our mats with our bodies relaxed and our eyes closed so that we may absorb the benefits of our yoga practice. This is a very important part of yoga class, so please give yourself a full Savasana. Your teacher will let you know when it’s time to come out of the pose.

Leaving class early: Please plan to stay for the entire class. There is only one teacher per class who is required to stay with the class.

Communicate: Speak with your teacher after class if you have any questions or concerns about your yoga practice.

Make sure you take your own belongings: Double-check you are wearing your shoes!

Engage in conversations outside the studio room: Please remember to keep your voices low when you are nearby the practice space, even if you are outside of it. It’s great to feel invigorated after class, but your voice can travel far in the tranquil environment of the studio, so please be mindful of others.

16-year-olds must have an adult countersign their registration form. An adult/parent must be in attendance with the 16-year-old at every class.

17-year-olds must have the registration form countersigned by a parent/guardian prior to attending their first class at AYF. They are then able to attend without an adult.

Please note:

AYF is an adult environment and we request all students respect the space and behave accordingly.

We do not offer Prenatal yoga. If you are pregnant and have not done yoga before then we suggest attending a specialised prenatal class.  We can suggest teachers if you need guidance on where to go. If you have had a regular practice and are at least in your 2nd trimester, then please call to chat to Sam before attending a class at AYF.

Private and semi-private classes

Our studio can cater to private classes of 1 up to 20 students. Our specialised classes will be tailored to your personal goals and need and are a great idea for a variety of occasions eg. Birthday or Hen’s session

Personalised/small group classes ensure dedicated attention to your movements, alignment, and breathing.

Modifications and variations will be offered throughout the sessions to meet your skill level.

These classes can be booked on a casual or ongoing basis with our certified, inspiring teachers.

For more information and rates on private classes please contact us here.


Balance your life, work, and family.

Adelaide Yoga Flow brings yoga into your workplace – you can now find that balance without even leaving the office.

Yoga in your business is a fantastic way to keep everyone happy and healthy in a productive work environment.

Employees and employers can enjoy numerous benefits including:

  • Improves physical (strength, flexibility, and mobility) wellbeing
  • Improves mental and emotional wellbeing by reducing stress and tension
  • Minimises workplace injuries such as RSI, spine and joint discomfort as well as lethargy caused by long hours spent sitting in chairs
  • Help staff develop a healthy body and attitude
  • Participants will leave the class feeling calm and re-energized
  • Promotes a positive and energetic workplace
  • Helps strengthen work relations by bringing colleagues together in a fun and relaxed environment
  • Fewer sick days = more productive and cost-effective results for any proactive business focused on providing a balance between work and life for staff

What to expect with AYF corporate yoga

Our corporate program is ideally an 8-week commitment, 1 class per week.  We can come to your workplace or organise for the class to be held at AYF.

Choice of either 45 or 60 minutes class duration held before work, during lunchtime, or after work.

The classes combine relaxation, yoga asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing), meditation, and simple yoga philosophies.

Classes are tailored to suit the group’s needs and are suitable for all levels of yoga experience (including newbies), age, and fitness.

Variations are always offered to ensure everyone (beginners to advanced students) receive the most out of their time on the mat.


Adelaide Yoga Flow has $10M Public Liability.


Participants can choose to use their own mat or we can provide mats for hire.

There is also the option to purchase mats from AYF for a special corporate price of $25 each.

Blocks/straps are also provided by AYF.


The cost per session depends on the number of students. Maximum 20 students per class.

If yoga is new to you, you could always book a one-off taster session for a reduced rate.

One-off sessions are also great additions to your next conference activity schedule, or as a one-off fun team building workshop.

AYF can also provide printed flyers and PDFs promoting the yoga classes which can be circulated around the business to gauge attendance interest.

Contact us for rates and more information on how we can best meet your needs.

All AYF yoga teachers are fully qualified, reference checked, have professional indemnity insurance, and a current first-aid certificate.

Before the start of every class, the teacher will enquire about previous experiences, injuries, and objectives as we appreciate each experience on the mat can be completely different.

Learn more about our individual teachers here.