Yin+Nidra & Soundbath December 2021 Event

We are THRILLED TO WELCOME Nicole and Jess back to AYF.
Join Nicole Zink + Jesse Scroop on this 2 hour journey of movement, guided meditation and healing vibration.
You’ll experience Yin and Nidra yoga guided by Nicole, a Fleurieu based yoga teacher who uses the practice in a particular way to reconnect the body with the mind as well as to heightening awareness.
Yin yoga is designed to create space in the body, unwind any tensions that will assist you to settle into a blissful yogic sleep. This is the Yoga Nidra, the beautiful space between sleep and awake where consciousness begins to play and you simply get to be the witness.
Along with the guided movement+stillness, Gong Master Jesse will use flutes+gongs to generate multidimensional ripples of sound that bathe all the cells in your body and attune them to a more harmonic state.
This workshop is designed to leave you feeling a sense of deep relaxation.
Investment: $44 per person
BOOK HERE ONLINE or in studio
Please note –
Spaces will be limited due to social distancing requirements.
Due to our AYF Covid-19 studio policy all students will need to bring their own mat and props.
We recommend a bolster or pillow/cushion, block and blanket.
No late entry or refund.