COVID-19 Studio Guideline

AYF COVID-19 Safety Plan

Unsure what to expect? This information will get you up to speed with what you need to know…

Our aim is to have a Covid-19 Safe environment.

Your health and wellbeing is our number one priority. To support the health and comfort of our community please observe the below policy:

Our AYF studio Safe Plan is printed and on display in the studio.

All AYF teachers have completed COVID-19 Infection training and COVID-19 Marshal Training with certificates.

The teacher on duty is the studio Covid Marshal and will be recognisable and visible in order to be immediately identifiable by other teachers/students, SA Police and the public.

AYF teachers have the option to wear masks and gloves if they choose to. Members have the choice to bring their masks and gloves from home to use.

Hand wash signs are placed at all sink basins and hand sanitizers are available in all rooms.

Please note showers are no longer available to use and AYF no longer hires mats or props.

Online classes are available for those not ready to come back to the studio.
These classes are marked with an asterix on Mindbody. Please refer to ONLINE FAQs HERE

Class timetable starting times have changed to allow minimum 30 minutes between classes instead of back to back classes to allow time for people to leave a room.

Studio surfaces will be cleaned between classes.

Upon Arrival / During Class:

Please remove shoes immediately upon arrival and sanitise.

Please sign in using the QR app or sign name on manual sign in sheet located on reception desk.

No touch policy has been implemented in teaching classes. Only verbal cues are to be used.

Members are to place mats over designated spacing marks.

Members to use own mats. Hire mats and props are no longer available.

Cleaning wipes are available to clean your mat after class.

Member Responsibilities:

Members asked to stay at home and not enter the studio if unwell or have symptoms.

All students are required upon arrival to scan the QR code or fill in the manual sign in sheet at reception

New members and will be asked as part of a health check if they have had or have COVID-19 or symptoms, have travelled interstate or been in contact with someone with Covid19. They will be required to complete a separate COVID contact form.

Please ensure your contact details up to date in our system. Please advise the teacher upon arrival if there have been any changes.

Members are asked to abide by social distance laws 1.5m between other members and the AYF teachers.

Members must bring a their own mat and props. No bags or phone allowed in the studio room. Personal belongings can be left in the locked reception but we recommend to bring the bare essentials

Please remember to smile at others, live with kindness, we are in this together.


In the event there is a reported COVID-19 positive case in the studio the relative authorities will be contacted and the members who had potential contact will be notified. The studio will be disinfected to ensure it is safe to resume classes.