Yin Yoga Workshops with Mysan Sidbo // 1st + 2nd May 2020



AYF welcomes back Mysan ... Come along to experience one of Australia's leading Yin teachers.


FRIDAY 1st May

6pm - 8pm  


EMPOWER, INSPIRE AND NURTURE YOU - A Yin Yang Masterclass with Mysan Sidbo.


In this 2 hour masterclass Mysan will take you through a Yin Yang practice that is a combination of stimulating flowing Yang movement followed by the power of a deep Yin yoga practice.


The Yang practice will take you through an organically flowing sequence of moving asanas, where your heart rate will be raised and all your muscles naturally challenged.


The Yin practice will guide you into the slower and more meditative, yet deep and powerful practice of the long-held poses of Yin Yoga.


The Yang sequences that we start this practice with are largely about challenging your body to move with flow and strength but also with lightness and ease in your movements. It’s about moving your muscles, increasing your heart rate and boosting your blood flow.


The Yin sequences that follow and close the practice are designed to connect you to the deeper parts of the self. We slow down and hold poses for several minutes to elongate deep-set tissues in our bodies and to nurture our mind, calm our heart and integrate the energy flow that we cultivated in our Yang practice at a deeper level within.


This Yin Yang Yoga masterclass is suitable for all levels of students.


Join Mysan in this uplifting and heartfelt practice.



$45 EARLY BIRD  for Friday night   //  $55 FULL price from 1st April



SATURDAY 2nd May  

11.30am - 2.30pm 


A Functional Approach to Yoga - A Happy Spine Gives a Balanced Life.

2 hours of Yin yoga for spinal health followed by an inspirational and educational chat about a functional approach to yoga and Q&A


The practice:

Our spine is amazingly engineered and meant to move and groove with ease as we go through our days, yet so often we feel a little stagnated along our spine!


This 2 hour Yin session will emphasise on spinal health and mobility! It will move your spine into your full range of motion, working with the spine's natural way of moving to elongate and open any areas that we may neglect as we move through our days, our training sessions and our yoga. 


This practice will give space around the spinal joints and disks to release un-necessary compression that we may have collected along the way of life. 


You will walk away with a sense of lightness in your posture, a feel of ease as your natural spinal curves now supports you and balance of your entire Being from nurturing your nervous system and the energy lines that flows along your spine.


The chat:

Our Yin yoga practice is followed by a talk about 'What is a functional approach to yoga' and 'How can you serve/guide and assist each individual student (or yourself as a student) the best way?' and Q&A time. 


Open for curious students and teachers

Total time 3 hours 



$60 EARLY BIRD for Saturday workshop  //  $70 FULL price from 1st April



Combined FRI+SAT sessions      EARLY BIRD  price        $90       
Combined FRi+SAT sessions      FULL price                      $110    


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Mysan's Bio:  


Yoga for Mysan has always been an adventure of happiness and love and when she embarked on a Hatha Yoga Teacher training at Qi Health and Yoga her passion blossomed. By teaching and practicing Hatha yoga, the urge to explore more lead her to Yin Yoga – making her yoga practice and teaching more complete.
Mysan is passionate about yoga, creating healthy bodies, smiling faces and happy energy. Her purpose is to share her knowledge, sow seeds of opportunity and laughter, lightness and joy – her aim is to help the world to smile, people to live with love, be happier and lighter.
Mysan has a strong Hatha Yoga and Yin Yoga background and is currently continuing to explore Yin Yoga Training with her teacher Paul Grilley.She is teaching 100hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Anatomy courses, classes, workshops and teacher training's internationally. 


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