A Crystal Sound Journey with Rachel Laing




Experience a restorative sound journey featuring crystal singing bowls, voice, chimes & bells.

Perfect for beginners in meditation or for those who wish to deeper their practice.


Feel the potent vibrations wash through your energetic body, balancing your chakras, dispelling negative energy, clearing your aura & recharging your cellular body.


YouTube video:  https://youtu.be/AulO4oor0hs



TIME:    3.30pm - 4.45pm



$30  /  $25 AYF Members

* AYF Members please book in studio for discount or email


Wear comfortable clothing.

AYF studio has blankets and bolsters however you are welcome to bring your own.

The only other optional items are a crystal or personal totem to meditate with and an eye mask.

Doors open 3.15pm.



About Rachel:

Rachel Laing is an intuitive sound healer from Sydney, musically gifted, she has spent well over a decade as a professional musician and singer. Her soul called her to work with crystal sound early 2018. Her natural musical ability allows her delivery of melodic and harmonic performances to flow harmoniously, curating a beautifully unique, sound journey.


Rachel has hosted workshops at countless studios and festivals, and past participants consistently report outer body experiences, lucid dreams, pain relief, unity and oneness, profound imagery and an overwhelming feeling of relaxation.


Rachel's intention is to create a safe space to surrender so that your body can have the opportunity heal, with the assistance of vibrational sound, emotionally and physiologically.









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