MARYSIA DO (USA) WORKSHOPS // 10th - 12th AUG 2018



Powerful On and Off the Mat with Marysia Do
A great deal of strength resides in the mind and Marysia Do is an expert in the field of empowerment.  In this asana advancement series Marysia will teach you how to use your thoughts to effectively channel your energy.  This work magnifies capability.  The key is in learning how to remain motivated while taking on greater and greater challenges.  It’s about learning how to experience stressful situations without getting stressed. 
During this three-day course you will learn how to better connect with your body and trust your goals.  Expansion is very much related to knowing when to take a rest and when to push.  Expansion also about knowing how to effectively analyze and reflect on the work you’ve done so that you remain enthusiastic as you aspire to more.   This kind of effective thinking is extremely helpful both on and off the yoga mat.
In class you can expect to work on arm balances, inversion, backbends, hip openers and some wild transitions. Surya Namaskar Handstand will also be practiced to reemphasize handstand techniques.  Handstand takes a long time to learn and flow with; Marysia will help you get there faster. Marysia is adamant in her practice of inclusiveness so if you are intimidated, don’t be.  She will provide variations that make class accessible and challenging for both intermediate and advanced practitioners. Sign up and join the highflying crew!
Basics Done Better - Body Friday 10th August (2hrs)
6.30pm - 8.30pm  
“Perfect alignment” is when your actions are in line with your intentions. What most yogis don’t realize is that the physical alignments in yoga postures vary depending on the desired effect of the pose and with each individual’s unique body. Beginners and advanced practitioners will benefit from the heightened awareness that this nuts and bolts style workshop offers.  Greater strength and increased flexibility are hidden in the nuances.  Many of us have habits that take us away from our goals.  In this class we will shed light on and then shift those habits to replace them with purposeful action.
Get Moving – Body+Mind - Saturday 11th August (3hrs)
1pm - 4pm 
In this rigorous flow work becomes play and asana advancement is achieved with greater ease.  Coping with ambition can be stressful because most goals require a great deal of hard work and endurance though hardship.  The key is figuring out how to find the joy in the doing.  This incredible life skill can be cultivated on the mat.  When we learn to stop fighting the things we need to do to go where we want to go, we are able to conserve energy, broaden our perspective, work effectively and lead happier lives.  Through the use of various techniques involving the breath, mantras, community, individuality and rockin’ music you will enhance your capacity to transform hardships into simple truths that aren’t that big of a deal.  With your head clear and you energy high, you will leave class ready to take on the world!
Making it Happen Sunday 12th August (3hrs)
11.30am - 2.30pm
In this flowshop you will learn both conventional and unconventional techniques to enhance coordination, build strength and increase flexibility for Arm Balancing, Inverting and Back Bending.  Marysia will also teach you how to “cheat” with “fake it ‘till you make it” style postures.  The work in these poses is indeed sincere, it’s just that the postures aren’t entirely complete – but they do look cool and boost moral. Everyone is different and so are the methodologies for advancing your practice.  In class you will benefit from a heightened awareness about how your body, mind and spirit interact.  With that awareness you will learn how to effectively channel you energy so that you can progress with grace and ease.







FRIDAY NIGHT SESSION (2hours)                                     $55

SATURDAY AND SUNDAY SESSIONS (both 3hours)       $77

ALL 3 SESSIONS PACKAGE                                                 $176 (15% discount)


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