AYF SCHOOL HOLIDAY classes for kids + parents



TERM 2 (2018) SCHOOL HOLIDAY CLASSES for both parents + kids  


We are trialling a way to keep parents on the mat during the school holidays when we need it the most.


During the term 2 holidays (dates below) we are offering kids class whilst we run our scheduled 9.30am classes.


We are thrilled to have local primary school teacher and regular student Susi on board to share yoga with kids.

We hope to make this a regular school holiday activity for kids and parents to look forward to.


Sam / Dan will be teaching the scheduled 9.30am classes in studio 1.


Susi will be teaching kids yoga in studio 2.




FRIDAY       13th JULY





9.15am to 10.45am for 4 - 10+ year olds



$15 per child / $10 per sibling


BOOK your child's spot via email (info@adelaideyogaflow.com.au) or speak to us at the studio

Bookings Essential.  Bookings prior to 5pm the day before will be required.


Please note this is not a drop and shop service. 

Studio doors for both kids + adult classes will be locked at 9.30am. No late entry


The Benefits:

  • yoga is non-competitive
  • improves self awareness and confidence in a group environment
  • encourages creativity & self expression
  • helps with concentration and energy levels
  • develops good posture and helps maintain a child’s natural flexibility
  • supports growing bodies (tones & stabilises muscles, maintains joint mobility)
  • supports the immune, respiratory, circulatory systems
  • promotes healthy sleeping patterns and teaches the body/mind how to relax
  • complements other activities such as sport or dance  
Please note:
Children to wear comfortable clothes with bare feet
Please bring a drink bottle.
Workshop fees are not refundable or transferrable.


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