Challenge and transform yourself from 1st September


AYF SPRING CHALLENGE is back again ....


This is an opportunity to develop deeper into your yoga practice.

If you want to consistently enjoy the benefits of yoga, then you need to take the steps necessary to make it a habit.

One of the best ways to develop the yoga habit is to commit to a 21 day yoga challenge.

By committing to a regular practice for 21 days and challenging yourself mentally, physically and emotionally you will begin to reset and redefine who you are.

The challenge includes one day of rest each week.


We believe balance on and off the mat is important.  

Yoga off the mat can be time for you enjoying what you love most - extra sleep, coffee with friends, spending time outdoors... options are endless.

This is for anyone looking to inspire their existing yoga practise or to create a powerful new one. 

  • Increased energy levels
  • better sleep and stress management
  • Make friends
  • A calmer sense of self
  • Create a healthy routine and feel great!


Practise 6 days each week
Enjoy 1 day of rest each week
= 18 classes in 21 days
* It's ok to miss a class, you can make it up by doing a double


The challenge starts on Friday 1st September



$100 (no concession)

FREE for all direct debit members & 6/12month unlimited passes  

Registration required before 1st September


Every student who completes the challenge will be entered into a raffle for an opportunity to WIN a 1 month unlimited pass (worth $190)

* PLUS you will receive 1 week COMPLIMENTARY yoga

* WINNER will be announced on Saturday 23rd September 

* CELEBRATE with chai and nibbles on Saturday 23rd after each class

* BONUS complete the challenge and attend any class on Saturday 23rd on us.

... what better way to end a challenge!?!



* Participating students with current 5/10 class & unlimited month passes will be put on hold for the challenge.

* Complimentary for all Direct Debit Members.


via email or alternatively speak to us at reception and we will add you to the challenge board. 





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