Yin Yoga Workshops with Mysan Sidbo // 20th+21st May



Upcoming YIN Master Classes at AYF with Mysan Sidbo.


Three classes over 2 days.  Come along to experience one of Australia's leading Yin teachers.


SESSION 1  //  FRIDAY 20th May  //  6pm - 8pm  

2 hour Yin Master Class - What is Yin Yoga? // Open for ALL levels.  

A dive into the body mind and energies, the myster of fascia and meridian lines.



SESSION 2  //  SATURDAY 21st May  //  9am - 12pm

3 hour Educational Yin Master Class - Functional Anatomy  //  For Yoga Teachers, Teacher Trainees and Body Workers.

How to figure our our individual bodies and practice a functional yoga that benefits us the most.  This is a 1.5 hour talk and 1.5 hour Yin session to physically, mentally and energetically explore what we have been talking about.  Putting the theory to test in practice.


SESSION 3  //  SATURDAY 21st May  //  1pm - 3pm

2 hour Educational Yin Master Class  //  Open to ALL levels

Expect a 1 hr talk on what chronic pain and disease-ease is, why we get it and how to release it. 

From lower back pain to neck pain and headaches – what is going on inside us that makes chronic pain tighten the grip around us so life becomes a place of suffering and hard work?

Followed by a 1 hr Yin class to release on a physical, mental & energetic level.



$45     for 2 hour sessions

$75     for 3 hour session

$145   for ALL sessions



Book ONLINE   (click Workshops/Events Tab)



Book ONLINE / Register for Session 1 & Pay for all 3 then send an email so we can complete registration

OR Speak to us in studio or email at info@adelaideyogaflow.com.au


Mysan's Bio:  

Yoga for Mysan has always been an adventure of happiness and love and when she embarked on a Hatha Yoga Teacher training at Qi Health and Yoga her passion blossomed. By teaching and practicing Hatha yoga, the urge to explore more lead her to Yin Yoga – making her yoga practice and teaching more complete.

Mysan is passionate about yoga, creating healthy bodies, smiling faces and happy energy. 

Her purpose is to share her knowledge, sow seeds of opportunity and laughter, lightness and joy – her aim is to help the world to smile, people to live with love, be happier and lighter.

Mysan has a strong Hatha Yoga and Yin Yoga background and is currently continuing to explore Yin Yoga Training with her teacher Paul Grilley.

She is teaching 100hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Anatomy courses, classes, workshops and teacher training's internationally.




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