9 Week Yoga Synergy Program // STARTS THIS TUESDAY 20th JULY


SYNERGY BASICS CLASS is taught progressively over 9 weeks.


WEEK 1 begins again THIS Tuesday 20th JULY 2017.


TUESDAYS  7.45pm  (60mins)


  • This is not a course that you are required to sign up for.  Option to join at anytime.
  • There is no extra cost and no attendance requirements. 
  • By attending at least one of these classes each week for the entire 9 weeks will greatly enhance your yoga understanding and practice.


Learn Progressively. 

Each week extra focus will be taken a section of the sequence with increased instructions and emphasis on correct alignment and posture. 

First learning simple variations of poses and as the weeks progress learning more complex options.

The yoga sequence will gradually increase in length over the weeks as well.


The Aim. 

To learn the fundamentals of the sequence first and by week 9 having a final practice with very little verbal cues creating a meditative flow. 

To learn more about Synergy Yoga click here.


** Please note ALL students can attend 9.30am Monday and 7.45am Saturday SYNERGY FLOW without attending the Progressive classes. **


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