Seminar with Dr Kaitlin Harkess // Saturday 5th August


 A Seminar with Dr Kaitlin Harkess  

Utilising yoga for stress management and an improved mood – bringing the science on to the mat.

Who should attend?

Anyone interested in yoga, its therapeutic benefits, and managing the current ‘stress epidemic’. Both beginner and long-term practitioners will find new motivation for their practice, and develop an understanding of yoga’s therapeutic value.

What will you gain?

This seminar will provide an overview of the stress response, mind-body communication, and the role of yoga in improving mood and managing stress. Participants will gain a better understanding of how stress and yoga may differentially impact the nervous system, immune system and epigenetic profile (i.e., disease vulnerability). The practice of mindfulness and principle of values based action will be considered in the context of developing a meaningful and effective yoga practice.

This will involve an experiential component where the principles introduced will be revisited in a yin yoga practice to conclude the afternoon. 

About Kaitlin:

Dr Kaitlin Harkess has been teaching yoga for over a decade, which is naturally complemented by her work as a registered psychologist. Having observed so many yoga students improve their well-being through a yoga practice, she was motivated to complete a PhD in the area. Kaitlin’s research utilised an interdisciplinary approach to explore both psychological and biological mechanisms underpinning a yoga practice, resulting in a rich picture of how yoga affects both the health of the mind and of the body.

Kaitlin is excited about the role yoga may play in mental healthcare, particularly given the increased levels of stress, distress and chronic health conditions our communities are experiencing. 


2 hours: Seminar on the science of yoga for well-being and exploration of yoga’s utility in living a values based life

1 hour: Yin class to integrate the principles introduced in the seminar 


Time:  2pm - 5pm


  • $40 Early Bird before 15th July

  • $40 for AYF Members (Unlimited Memberships)

  • $50 Full Price after 15th July


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