with Kerry McGregor, from Koru Yoga (Melbourne)


Relax, Restore, Rebalance  //  Saturday 16th April  

1.30pm - 4.30pm



This 3 hour, luxurious immersion is a juicy mash up of Yin and Restorative work, designed to support both our bodies and minds as we navigate the journey from Autumn to Winter and all that it entails. 


We’ll learn patterns that will support our physical and mental health, take home recipes and chai that will nourish us through the winter months and dig deep into our bodies and our hearts, finding balance and bliss. 


Yoga and it’s sister science, Ayurveda, have been practiced for thousands of years, in cultures where human life was intimately and inextricably entwined with the force and rhythm of the natural world. 


The shift between day and night and the changes of the seasons was all a harmonious dance with people who worked the land. Modern Life and its conveniences have separated us from this – we no longer understand we are part of nature and servants to its shifts and changes. 


This class will teach you how to boost your immune system, and develop a sustainable practice that grounds you - connecting you back to your centre, and providing peace and clarity.



$65 for 3 hours of Self Care guided by the extraordinary Kerry 

Enjoy Koru Pantry Chai (made with love by Kerry) + community chat after class.


Plus receive:

- A packet of Koru Pantry Chai

- Delicious recipes from Kerry (who has nourished many retreat participants)

- Take home notes so not to forget this incredible experience


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OR Speak to us in studio or email at


About Kerry:  

Kerry's background as a massage therapist was the starting point for her yoga journey - 
her fascination with functional anatomy was fuelled by the beauty, strength and grace of 
the postures and she was thrilled to find a way to offer her clients a more comprehensive 
approach to long term spinal care and core stability issues.
What she didn't expect was to fall in love with a practice that would change her life.
Peace, self acceptance, balance and contentment came hand in hand with strength, fitness and flexibility.
Kerry has gone on to undertake extensive study with Donna Farhi and is now a Senior Associate Teacher of hers, and continues to assist her on trainings. She studies Somatic Movement
therapy with Lisa Petersen and has assisted her on workshops also.
This year she is undertaking further Ayurvedic Study after a fascinating retreat with Melissa Spammer from the US.
In her spare time, she's created Koru Pantry with her sister Kylie,
making delicious chai and spice mixes. She caters for retreats and teaches vegetarian cooking.



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