Challenge and transform yourself from 1st JUNE




Resist the urge to hibernate during the winter months ...

CHOOSE instead to strengthen but also nuture the body from the inside out.

AYF WINTER CHALLENGE: 1st – 28th June 2019 inclusive

The 4X4 Challenge involves committing to 4 classes a week for 4 weeks. 


It is designed to bring consistency and frequency to your practice, without the intensity of daily practice.

A regular yoga practice is the only way you will gain long lasting benefits, so this challenge is not a substitute, but is a wonderful way to boost or reset your yoga practice to help you get into a regular yoga practice that fits into your schedule.



The challenge is physically achievable to all – whether you are just starting out in yoga or have been practising for years. 
If you can make it to class, and do the postures to the best of your ability 4 times a week, then you can do it!
You can attend any scheduled class throughout each week to make up your 4. 
Your decision is not “Should I?” … but …. ‘What time?”
AYF has 26 classes on offer - SET FLOW / SLOW FLOW / SPINAL FLOW / FLOW / RESTORE / YIN
The cost of the challenge is $95, which covers all of your 16 visits for the 4 weeks ($6 per class).
ALL students signed up on challenge will receive 1 COMPLIMENTARY 10DAY INTRO PASSES to give to a friend to practice with you.  The complimentary pass must be activated during the month of July 2019 by a new to AYF student.
BONUS - all students who complete the challenge go in the draw to WIN a 1 MONTH UNLIMITED PASS.

FAQ – What if I can’t do 4 a week?
You are able to do a mix, for example 3 one week, 5 another, but the 16 classes must be used within the period of the 4 weeks.

BOOKING DETAILS: Sign up ONLINE HERE at reception or email Sam / Dan


Ts & Cs

  • Challenge pass activates upon first visit
  • 4X4 pass is only valid for a maximum of 16 classes between the specific dates 
  • Challenge passes non refundable or transferable
  • Challenge classes / Complimentary passes are not valid before or after set dates 
  • All current passes will be suspended the duration of challenge for participating students




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