Winter Solstice Friday Night YIN class with Michael // 21st June



Join us at AYF for a special 2 hour Yin class with Michael on

Friday 21st June.


Winter represents the most Yin aspect of traditional Chinese  



Yin is the dark, slow, inward energy.


In that tradition, the season of Winter relates to the Water element,

which governs the Kidney and Bladder meridians.


In Chinese medicine the Kidney and Bladder organs are the

foundation of Yin and Yang balance for all the other organs.


They are the storehouse of vital energy and need to remain

balanced for all the other organs to function well.


Join us on the eve of Winter Solstice, Friday, 21 June, at 6.30pm for

2 hours of deep, slow Yin yoga when Michael will be your guide as

we gently delve into the Water element.


This special class is for all of you who simply just want more Yin! …

and it is also for anyone who may be intrigued by this ‘other side’ of

the practice of yoga.


With Yin, you will immerse yourself in the stillness of an asana

practice like no other.



When: FRIDAY 21st June  6.30pm - 8.30pm


Cost: $35 / $30 for AYF Members * please book in studio for



Doors open at 6pm. 


Book online HERE or in studio.


Please note no refunds / No late entry




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