Breath Transformational Workshop // 4th August



Breath Transformational Workshop with Melinda Page  /  Hosted by Adelaide Yoga Flow

Discover the Power of your Breath!   //   Saturday 4th August  //  2pm - 4pm


"The reason we´re talking about breathwork now is because it is one of the most powerful drivers to access a completely different state almost immediately." - Andrew Huberman, PhD


Transformational Breath® (TBr) is a powerful self healing modality that utilises a conscious breathing technique in order to restore wellbeing, bring more peace and generate more joy within. The technique was developed by Dr. Judith Kravitz, is renown in the US, UK and Europe, and is now being taught in over 20 countries worldwide. 


During the breathing session, we work on re-establishing a full diaphragmatic breath, using acupressure, sound, movement and positive affirmations in order to retrain the subconscious mind. This helps clear the lower denser energies that the body and psyche hold (¨negativity¨) in the form of repressed memories, feelings, pain, anxiety, stress, and tension so that we can feel lighter, freer and more at peace within. 


When you step into your fullest potential and open to an unrestricted breath, there are an enormous amount of benefits, including and not limited to: 


  • Improved health
  • Increased energy 
  • Better immune response 
  • Stress management 
  • Relief from anxiety, depression and burnout 
  • Emotional freedom
  • Freedom in expression
  • Deeper connection to Self 
  • More joy, happiness and love  




When:                SATURDAY 4th AUGUST  //   2pm - 4pm

Investment:      $40     Spaces are limited (max 8)


BOOK ONLINE HERE or in studio.



Visit Mel's website (, where you can learn more about what Transformational Breath® is, who it is for, what the benefits are, and how it has changed Mel's life. 


More about Mel - 

I'm Mel and I am deeply passionate about well-th (the real wealth), spirituality, and travel.

I'm also a total personal development junkie. My mission as an Empowerment Coach is to empower and inspire as many people as I can to step into their fullest potential and live an EPIC life, one that is in alignment with their true purpose and passions and is beyond their wildest dreams and bursting with the pinch me pleasers!

After suffering what is categorically described as Corporate Burn-out, in 2014, in search of myself (and sanity), I quit my seven year career in Finance and embarked upon the most EPIC round the world adventure that forever changed the trajectory of my life.

What began as a photo snapping and sightseeing extravaganza, quickly morphed into the most enlightening and spiritual journey of my life. Ashrams in India. Shamans in Peru. And countless healers and holistic therapies.

The former "Closet Hippy" has now been officially outed and is bigger, brighter and shinier than she has ever been.

The former "Destination Addict" is now happier than ever, no matter where she finds herself.

The former ¨Queen of Count Downs¨ is no longer living for the weekends and is now living her life in the Present. 

This Moment Matters!





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