Learn to ROLL + RELEASE Workshop // 21st July



Come & try ROLLING using Blackroll Methods with Louise
Saturday 21st July 11am - 12pm

Do you hold tension and stress in your body?
Feeling a little stiff from sitting for too long?
General tightness from exercising?

Then come and try an hour of Roll and Release with Louise (Personal Trainer / Massager Therapist / Blackroll Trainer)

What is Rolling?

A very simple but effective contribution to general health, fitness and wellbeing using Blackroll methods.

What to expect:

Louise will demonstrate how to use the Blackroll balls and rollers to release adhesions and trigger points in the myofascia of specific target areas that will assist in getting you moving freely again.

The skills learned in this workshop will allow you to give yourself a full body massage anytime, anywhere, using therapy balls (or tennis balls)

 Rollers + Therapy balls are used to:
Enhance blood circulation and connective tissue (fascia) hydration 
- Improve muscle performance, body mobility and flexibility 
- Prevent typical wear and tear injury or muscle damage caused by over use
- Fascia release has a calming effect on the central nervous system which will leave you feeling calm and centred.

Who can benefit from Rolling?
Everyone of all levels. No experience required.
Ideal if you run, cycle, attend gym classes/personal training.
A perfect complement to all physcial activities.




When:                SATURDAY 21st JULY  //   11am - 12pm

Investment:      $20 / $15 AYF Members *

Pre-booking Essential. Limited spaces.
Blackroll Rollers will be provided.


BOOK ONLINE HERE or in studio / * Members please book in studio for discount




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