50 hours training – with Melanie Mackintosh


2019 Adelaide Course Dates:  3 x Fridays + 3 x weekends


Fri   22 Nov -  12:30pm - 7pm 

Sat  23 Nov -  12:30pm - 7pm 

Sun 24 Nov – 11am - 3:30pm 


Fri   29 Nov  - 12:30pm - 7pm 

Sat  30 Nov  - 12:30pm - 7pm 

Sun  1 Dec –  11am - 3:30pm 


Fri    6 Dec  -  12:30pm - 7pm 

Sat   7 Dec  -  12:30pm - 7pm 

Sun  8 Dec  – 11am - 3:30pm 



Early Bird Special:   $1,250   (until 30 Sept 2019) 

Full Investment:       $1,450   (from 1 October 2019)


During this training, you will work closely along-side Melanie so you confidently develop the skills to teach pre and post natal yoga students going forwards. A key component in developing this confidence is enhancing your anatomy and physiology knowledge of pregnancy, labour and the mother in the post natal state.


Additionally, Melanie will share recent scientific literature, supporting the benefits of yoga and meditation for the pre and post natal student and their baby. 


Enhanced practical teaching experience is corner stone of this training program. As such, a great emphasis is placed upon designing intelligent pre natal class plans and practising the delivery of these plans in both a dedicated pre natal class capacity, and in promoting meaningful alterations for the pre natal student within a general class environment. 


You will be taught Melanie's unique approach to supporting the mother through practices that promote mobility of the upper body and establish stability in the lower body. Additionally, a large focus is on implementing teaching strategies to support the functioning of the nervous and hormonal systems, so the mother is empowered throughout the pregnancy, during the birth of her baby and beyond.


In the post natal sphere, you will be guided in developing a sensitive approach to the new mother. This includes using yoga to compassionately care for her body as it recovers from pregnancy and birth, integrating baby into her yoga practice where possible and supporting her with any mental health concerns that she may experience.

Naturally, all the contraindications and cautions relevant to the pre and post natal student will be covered.


Qualification Received

At the successful completion of this course you will receive a qualification in Advanced Pre & Post Natal Yoga Teaching, provided by the Australian Yoga Academy and accredited with Yoga Alliance. This training contributes to more than 12 months’ of CPD points for those already members of Yoga Australia and Yoga Alliance. 


This training will suit qualified and soon to be qualified yoga teachers who are dedicated to working with pre and post natal students. This training may also benefit others who work regularly with pre and post natal students such as midwives, doulas, Pilates teachers and personal trainers.


At the conclusion of this course, already qualified yoga teachers may apply as a Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher (RPYT) with Yoga Alliance and will be able to offer dedicated pre natal classes.


Course Outline:

Each module will be delivered in a blend of theoretical and practical learning environments.


You are encouraged to contribute liberally to the discussions and practices and there will be plenty of opportunity to apply the skills you learn with daily practice teaching sessions.

There will also be a daily practice led by Melanie. 


Module 1

  • Foundations of pre-conception and pregnancy
  • Understanding female anatomy
  • Physiological and psychological changes during pregnancy
  • Foundations of teaching pre natal yoga
  • Contraindications and cautions
  • Establishing policies and approaches to teaching pre natal yoga


Module 2

  • Benefits of pre natal yoga for the mother and baby, including scientific literature supporting yoga for the pre natal student
  • Understanding the role of the nervous system and hormonal system during pregnancy and labour
  • Introduction to Active Birthing principles Optimal Foetal Positioning and their benefits


Module 3

  • Modifications for teaching the pre natal student in a general class
  • Looking after the back and the SIJs and other special needs


Module 4 & 5

  • Dedicated pre natal class planning and practical teaching skills
  • Preparing class plans
  • Props required
  • Language skills
  • Vetting practices
  • Business practices


Module 6

  • Understanding birthing and labour
  • Anatomy of labour
  • Birthing positions
  • Understanding the role of the nervous and hormonal systems in labour


Module 7

  • Other yoga tools for pregnancy and labour
  • Breathing for pregnancy and labour
  • Meditation and mindfulness practices for pregnancy and labour


Module 8

  • Foundations of teaching post natal yoga
  • Establishing policies and approaches to teaching post natal yoga
  • Supporting the mother’s return to general yoga practice
  • Managing pelvic floor, back, SIJ and other special needs concerns in the yoga practice following birthing, including mental health concerns
  • Foundations of teaching yoga to mum and baby


Limited spaces available.

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About Mel –


Melanie Mackintosh is the Director or Education and co-owner of the Australian Yoga Academy in Melbourne, where she manages their teacher training program. Melanie has been specialising in teaching pre and post-natal yoga for the last 9 years, and her 50 hour, Advanced Pre/Post Natal Teacher Training Program is accredited through Yoga Alliance. 


You can learn more about Melanie at  www.australianyogaacademy.com or by listening to her recent podcast by The Flow Artists (Episode 49) https://podcast.flowartists.com/.

Melanie is an accredited Senior Teacher (Level 3) with Yoga Australia and a Registered Pre Natal Teacher and ERYT-500+ with Yoga Alliance Worldwide. 




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