Nourish Your Nerves Workshop // SATURDAY 25th FEBRUARY




Presented by Courtney Wohling + Elizabeth Sweetman



The idea for this workshop came about over a cup or two of tea.
We wanted to create a beautiful workshop that covered all aspects of nourishing the nervous system to help people heal from disordered neurobiology, which is the foundation of mental health issues.
We both come from a place of wanting to help people find peace and balance in their lives.
From a place of not wanting to see people struggle. Having both been through our own struggles with anxiety and depression, we know how hard it can be.

But a lot of people don't realise there is a way out of the struggling. 

So that's what we wanted to create. A workshop that would give people tools they can use in their everyday lives to help find that peace and balance.

So what is involved in the day?! 
  •  Yoga class. Elizabeth will guide us through a beautiful yoga session designed to calm the nervous system

  •  Cooking demo. Courtney will show you some of her favourite recipes for the nervous system and good mental health.

  •  Seminars. We will have seminars on nutrition and herbal medicine for mental health, as well as the biochemistry of the nervous system - disordered neurobiology.

  • Lunch. A gorgeous lunch and snacks will be provided throughout the day. Plus herbal tea.

  •  Meditation and Breathing Exercises. Learn breathing exercises that you can take into your everyday life.

  •  Goodie Bags. Everyone will receive a goodie bag and workshop notes to take home.



Yoga Mat (we can provide one if required)
Note Pad and Pen
Water Bottle
Please wear loose comfortable clothing
Courtney - 
Courtney Wohling is a Naturopath, holistic nutritionist and herbalist, with a passion for helping people live a happy and healthy life. 
She has been working in natural health for over 16 years, after finding herself at a cross roads and decided to dedicate her life to helping people heal through the practices she had used to help herself heal from depression, anxiety and adrenal fatigue. 
She has worked in many facets of natural health including remedial massage, polarity therapy (energy work), myofascial release and others, before incorporating it all into her naturopath practice.
Elizabeth -
Elizabeth Blake was first introduced to yoga in her early teens and flirted with the practice for a number of years before committing herself to regular mat time.
The space, grace and stillness she received from her classes began to flow through her world and the desire to share this gift led her to teach Hatha yoga.
Elizabeth is a certified 500hr yoga teacher who has trained in Bali and more recently India and focuses on sharing a gentle yet expansive practice where alignment, energy (prana) flow and connection to the Self are key.


WHEN:                 Saturday 25th February    10am - 4pm 




Bookings Essential  //  Limited spots available.




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