Monthly Insightful Meditation Workshops


Monthly Meditation Workshops with Mary Saunders


SESSION 4  //  Saturday 14th October

"Meditations for Success, Money and Wealth" 

In this interactive workshop we will focus on the energy and power of money and wealth.

 "We earn the average salary of the 5 people we spend most of the time with" - Jim Rohn, US business entrepreneur

 Using short, simple meditation techniques and visualisations we share insights to understand - 

  • our beliefs, attitudes and core values on prosperity and financial difficulties 
  • how we attract money and wealth – knowing our value, effective work habits and our social influences 
  • the way we share success, spend money and use wealth defines who we are.  

It is a fascinating and enlightening way to understand ourselves and the differences in others.


TIME: 1.30pm - 4pm

COST: $40 including afternoon tea / $130 for ALL for sessions



A little about Mary…

Mary loves her yoga practice at AYF - it directs her energy.  Her formal education, work life and passion is education. 

As the Director of SAGE insights - a people development company, she guides people to understand themselves and create the lifestyle and relationships they desire.   

Mary facilitates workshops that uses the 70:20:10 guidelines in how people learn - 70% by their life experiences, 20% through feedback and 10% through information. 

She uses a blend the ancient wisdom from the East and modern scientific wisdom of the West to create dynamic and insightful experiences.


When:                Once a Month at AYF (July / August / September / October)
Time:                 1.30 pm - 4 pm
Investment:     $40 per session including afternoon tea / Book ALL 4 sessions $130 (save $30) 

All workshops will be limited in class size to ensure you receive the personal attention and for questions to be answered.   Bookings are essential.



or at the studio  



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