Master Yang Workshop 12-13th NOVEMBER



Digestion and Hormone Balancing Workshops 


We are excited to announce that Master Yang will return to AYF for two days of workshops. 
Master Yang’s goal is to see more and more people attain health and longevity. He wants people to enjoy their lives by feeling comfortable within their own bodies, by being pain, discomfort and stress-free.
His greatest joy is to see his students happy, grounded, peaceful and exuding positive energy.
In Master Yang's own words “The highest level of living is with no sickness, no pain and passing away naturally.”
DAY 1  //  Saturday 12 November  12pm - 7pm
DAY 2  //  Sunday 13th November  9am - 4pm
Focusing on HORMONE BALANCE for both men and women 
What to expect :
In the two workshops you will discover how to:
connect and navigate cellular energy.
increase bio-magnetic energy which can be physically felt in the hands.
- work with the three pillars of circulation (blood, mind and digestion).
- improve internal organ function for health and longevity.
recover and repair the body from weakness.
- improve brain function for clearer thinking, wellbeing and memory.
generate feelings of happiness, grounding and harmony deep within yourself.
COST:    1 Day $175   //   Both Days $300
Each day include a one hour break
Bookings Essential  //  Both days book online.
To book an individual day please contact Dan or Sam via email or speak to us in the studio.


What is Calligraphy?


Calligraphy Health Systems developed by Master Yang over 16 years based on his knowledge of body movement, organ function, buddhism and Taoist principle from over 50 years of his own studies aims to return your body to it’s natural state.

It will also allow the body and mind to become calm and grounded.

You will learn simple movements and sequences that will promote organ harmony, blood circulation, create energy and leave you feeling happy and grounded on a cellular level.

You will gain the knowledge and ability to create a self practise at home.


Calligraphy Movement is for everyone.  Join Dan at AYF every week to experience the benefits -



Mondays 6.15am (from 1st Nov)  +  Tuesdays 6pm  




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