What Lies Beneath ... Special Friday Night YIN class with Michael // 9th November



Join us at AYF for a special 90 minute Yin class with Michael on Friday 9th November.


Yin yoga is known as the 'quiet practice'. But in the usual class environment there is often more 'practice' and not so much of the 'quiet'.
Here is an opportunity for our experienced Yin Yogis to be taken through an extended sequence, one with a lot more ‘quiet’ in which you can really take a long, deep dive into your own practice, with only the minimum guidance, just enough so that all you have to do is slowly settle into your own Yin body.

You will want to already have a familiarity with the common Yin shapes and know what props you may like to use.
You will want to be familiar with that ‘stillness’ and ‘softness’ that is explored in Yin.

And here’s the challenging bit; you will also want to be familiar with that special attitude - the open, accepting, patience - called for in Yin, and comfortable that you can find your ‘mano bandha’ and stay with it through the extended quiet that this special class will offer.



Cost: $30 / $25 for AYF Members * please book in studio for discount 


Doors open at 6pm. PRANA CHAI will be served before and after class.


Book online HERE or in studio.


Please note no refunds / No late entry




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