Calligraphy is a graceful flowing practice suitable for ALL ages, abilities and those recovering from injury.



“The highest level of living is with no sickness and no pain."  -  Master Zhen Hua Yang

Treat your mind, body and soul to this fully immersive workshop with Adelaide Yoga Flow's Calligraphy teacher Leonie Beck where you will experience the gentle and healing movements of Calligraphy Heath developed by energy specialist, Master Yang, based on the ancient practices of Qigong (literally translated as "Life Energy Cultivation”), Tai Chi and Yoga.

At this introductory workshop you will to:

Connect with your dantian, the storehouse of your Qi, your internal vital energy source, and learn simple breathing techniques to harness your Qi, naturally building heat within your body – great as the weather starts to cool down!


Move through a 90 minute Calligraphy Health immersion of gentle movements aimed at increasing circulation, building internal body heat and cultivating your Qi for a much needed immunity boost during winter – be you own flu shot!


Close your practice with a balancing and healing Qigong Organ Smiling meditation to bring about internal harmony – allow your body rest and restoration for better organ function in time for winter.


You will be guided by Leonie to learn simple movements and sequences that will promote organ harmony, blood circulation, create energy and leave you feeling happy and grounded on a cellular level.


Please wear comfortable loose fitting clothes or stretchy yoga clothes so you can move freely.


This is a healing practice and is suitable for all abilities and ages, however please be aware that you will need to climb one flight of stairs to reach the studio.


We will be moving through dynamic sequences to build internal heat, however these sequences can be modified to suit those with illness or injuries.


Please let us know beforehand if you do not feel comfortable sitting on the floor.


Blocks, bolsters and blankets are available, and with forward notice we can provide chairs for those who require them.




When:     SATURDAY 28th May   //   1.30pm - 3.30pm.

Cost:       $40 Book ONLINE HERE or in studio.


AYF Members Discount: 

A 25% discount is available to all AYF direct debit unlimited monthly members.  

Speak to Dan or Sam in-house to book at the discounted price of $30.




Calligraphy Health Systems developed by Master Yang over 16 years based on his knowledge of body movement, organ function, buddhism and Taoist principle from over 50 years of his own studies aims to return your body to it’s natural state. It will also allow the body and mind to become calm and grounded.


Master Yang returns to AYF in JUNE for a weekend workshop designed to help manage Stress and Anxiety.  READ MORE HERE.


View video clips highlighting the BENEFITS of Calligraphy - 



Master Yang teaching Simon Borg-Olivier




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