AYF is excited to announce a new class style ‘Calligraphy’.



CALLIGRAPHY  //  Mondays 7am + TUESDAYS 11.30am (1hour classes)


Starts 19th April at Adelaide Yoga Flow with Dan


  • fundamental purpose of Calligraphy is to prolong life and a large part of this is improving the quality of life
  • restore natural balance to the body and create better health as you learn to move without effort or tension
  • build strength with grace, remove internal blockages and minimise stress


Calligraphy Yoga is innovative and contemporary but at the same time deeply bedded in the traditional holistic practices of India and China.

It is a fusion of four long established traditions. Each of these contributes to forge a distinctive synthesis that is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their physical health, strengthen their psychological resilience and cultivate their internal energetic reserves.


  1. The principles of Tai Chi bring smooth effortless movement
  2. The principles of Chinese Qigong bring an understanding of internal energy and a focus on
    Dantian as an energetic centre
  3. The postures of Indian Yoga bring a physiological structure and form to the movements
  4. The technique of Chinese calligraphy brings a 3 dimensional flow and link to the movements that are both intuitive and graceful.


The fundamental purpose of Calligraphy Yoga is to prolong life by increasing internal energy (Qi), NOT by extreme stretching.

Flexibility will come with time, especially as the body loosens, in fact it will be automatic.

There will be no need to force tendons or ligaments.

Calligraphy Yoga is concerned primarily with energy production.


Calligraphy Yoga does this in 4 specific ways:

  1. The supply of oxygen to the body is increased as the red blood cells begin to separate from one another, breaking down their clustered structures so that each cell can carry more oxygen throughout the whole body. This has an energising and rejuvenating effect on every cell in the body.
  2. The body’s soft tissue – the muscles, tendons and ligaments – begin to release and this has the effect of opening the joints more fully and removing blockages from the flow of Qi in the body.
  3. With practice the body and mind begin to grow more peaceful and a state of increased natural happiness develops. Stress and negativity drop away. Within 3 to 6 months the student will truly start to feel energy, both in the hands and around the body. This is real and tangible.
  4. The end result is the experience of paradise on earth, in this body, now.
Calligraphy is a graceful flowing practice suitable for ALL ages, abilities and those recovering from injury.
Classes will be taught by Dan.



Master Yang Zhen Hua has trained for more than 45 years in Chinese systems of martial arts and Qi Gong, as well as Buddhism and Chinese philosophy. After migrating to Australia in 1992 Master Yang began training personally selected students in his Yang Mian System, and then in 2000 began working with a wider range of students. Some of these students were from a yoga background, including a number of yoga teachers, all looking for an explicit and practical way to engage with the body’s energetic system. Calligraphy Yoga has grown from Master Yang’s experience and training fused with the yoga he has learnt from his students.

Four separate openings to deep spiritual understanding over the last 16 years have guided Master Yang’s insight into bringing Calligraphy Yoga to its present maturity. Just as a fish moves effortlessly in all directions, or a baby moves without effort or tension, Calligraphy Yoga builds a natural body where movement becomes free-flowing, light, easy and intuitive.

The health of the body is profoundly influenced by Calligraphy Yoga, because it helps to restore natural balance. It is this restoration of natural order, natural action and natural balance into the human system that provides the basis for better health and a more fulfilling life. Ailments such as asthma, disc problems, muscle soreness, even old injuries improve or drop away. Movement becomes freer and looser as the body grows stronger and healthier, more balanced and in-tune with nature.


Master Yang returns to AYF in JUNE for a weekend workshop designed to help manage Stress and Anxiety.  READ MORE HERE.
Video Clips highlighting the BENEFITS of Calligraphy - 




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