After 15 years as a yoga devotee, I completed my first Yoga teacher training in 2017. Through my yoga practice I have experienced the shift from the physical to a place of peace. By adding the study of yoga I continue to develop the knowledge and experience of a life lived through the eight limbs. Pranayama within the practice is a key aspect of yoga, when the breath becomes the tool to support the physical demands of the asana.


My own yoga background is a Ashtanga-Vinyasa dynamic yoga practice. However as nothing remains constant, this too has adapted to accommodate changes as I age and as the physical body changes. I regularly practice Yin at AYF and enjoy the benefits of this meditative peaceful approach and the calm that remains long after the practice has finished. For me these ‘side effects’ are the essence of yoga.


I am thrilled to join Sam, Dan and the AYF team and link with this like-minded yoga community.




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