I attended my first yoga class at the suggestion of a philosophy tutor when I was doing my undergraduate degree – that was over 12 years ago – I kept coming back to the mat as I enjoyed the physical experience of the practice, as well as the existential metaphor (after all, I was a philosophy major!).

After couple years of practice I felt moved to share my experience with yoga and participated in teacher training programs, thus proceeding to couple academic and yogic studies.

The mental health benefits of yoga became increasingly salient to me and I was inspired to undertake post-graduate studies where I explored the benefits of a yoga practice on factors related to well-being, chronic stress and psychological distress.

Through the completion of PhD, my belief in the therapeutic practice of yoga has grown even stronger.

Consequently, I would say that my primary ambition as a yoga teacher is to offer classes that provide practitioners a safe space to explore the practice of yoga and to cultivate physical and psychological health.

After all, when we are our best selves we have more capacity to enjoy our days and to serve our communities!




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