I discovered yoga thanks to a housemate who took me to a class at the local yoga studio. Soon it became a housemate bonding activity, and for me, 75 minutes where my mind would stop ticking with thoughts of my PhD study. Instead, on the mat I found space to concentrate on breath and movement. Though I love the asana, it is the mental stillness that yoga offers me that keeps me coming back.


Having suffered with ongoing neck and shoulder issues, and realising the benefit of a regular yoga practice in managing this, I became increasingly curious about what exactly it was yoga was doing to help my body. The scientist in me wanted to know more. The idea of undertaking yoga teacher training sprung from this curiosity, yet the more I thought about it, the more I suspected I might just enjoy the teaching part too.


For me, yoga is a constant exploration. It’s an ongoing experiment where I get to discover the trends in my own life and body, knowing there will always be a day that doesn’t follow the rules. I hope to encourage curiosity in my classes, so we can all make new discoveries, and be rewarded with the calm of savasana at the end.


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