For new students

Once you arrive at the studio

Shoes: remove them upon arrival and place them in the designated area

Mobile phones: ensure they are turned off or on silent/vibration setting off.

Inside the studio: please respect the yoga space by entering quietly. Try to keep noise to a minimum when setting up your mat and collecting your props (block, blanket, strap) so not to disturb students around you. Simply enjoy the peace and practice being present.

Positioning your mat: orient your mat so you will be facing the teacher. If you are new to yoga and are trying out a class that may have some more experienced students in it, then you might consider placing your mat in a row behind the front so you can follow along more easily. Place your props and your water bottle nearby your mat to keep them handy, but make sure they are not in your way.

Other people’s mats: for many people, their mat is a safe, sacred space. Please respect this by not stepping on others’ mats, if at all possible.

During class

Rest at any time: if at any point you feel that you need to rest, then please take Child’s pose even if the teacher does not specifically cue it - and then rejoin the class when you

are ready.

If you are late: Being on time is essential. If the door is locked, then it’s best to come back for another class. The beginning of a class provides opportunity to center and warm up, and joining in a class without having had this can risk injury and can also be distracting for fellow students.

Savasana: otherwise known as Corpse pose, is the last pose we do in every class, and consists of lying down on our mats with our bodies relaxed and our eyes closed so that we may absorb the benefits of our yoga practice. This is a very important part of yoga class, so please give yourself a full Savasana. Your teacher will let you know when it’s time to come out of the pose.

Leaving class early: Please plan to stay for the entire class. If this is not possible, then please let your teacher know before class starts, and take a short Savasana before you depart. When you leave, be mindful of your fellow students by being quiet as you collect your items, return your props, and depart the room.

After class

Clean your immediate area: If you borrowed a mat from the studio, wipe it down and return it. If you used props, please return them to where you found them.

Communicate: Speak with your teacher after class if you have any questions or concerns about your yoga practice.

Make sure you take your own belongings: Double-check you are wearing your shoes!

Engage in conversations outside the studio room: Please remember to keep your voices low when you are nearby the practice space, even if you are outside of it. It’s great to feel invigorated after class, but your voice can travel far in the tranquil environment of the studio, so please be mindful of others.


For all students

Can anyone do Yoga?

Absolutely. If you can breath, you can do Yoga. Variations are always given to suit your experience and energy levels.

AYF Minimum age policy -

16 year olds MUST have an adult counter sign their registration form. An adult/parent must be attendance with the 16 year old at every class.

17 year olds MUST have the reigstration form counter signed by a parent prior to attending their first class at AYF. They are able to attend without an adult.

Please note AYF is an adult environment and we request all students respect the space and behave accordingly.

Please note we do not offer Pre Natel yoga. If you are pregnant and have not not yoga before then we suggest attending a specialised pre natel class.  We can suggest teachers if you need guidance on where to go.

If you have had a regular practise and are at least in your 2nd trimester, then please call to chat to Sam before attending a class at AYF.

What if I'm not flexible?

You don't have to be flexible to start yoga. This is one of the most common misconceptions about yoga. In fact the more inflexible you are the more reason you should practice yoga.

Yoga is ultimately about balancing the mind body and soul.

How to prepare for a class?

Eating: come to class on an empty stomach. Refrain from eating 2 hours before class. If you have food in your stomach many of the postures, especially inversions, forward bends, and strong twists become uncomfortable.

Drinking: it is important to come hydrated so make sure to drink plenty of water before, during and after class.

Arrive: 10 minutes earlier for your first class to discuss

What should you bring to your Yoga class?

Start: with a smile and an open mind. Let go of instant gratification and attachment to ego. Commit to a regular practice and over time the space created on the mat will permeate your life.

Bring: a yoga mat, a hand towel and water. We have mats to hire and other necessary yoga props for your convenience.

Wear: light, soft, comfortable clothes. Socks should be removed to prevent slipping on the mat.

How many classes a week should you attend?

We encourage a regular practice of 1-3 times a week. Most importantly, it’s about doing what works for you and maintaining your practice over the long-term. Don’t beat yourself up if you are unable to attend a class.

Remember - find balance on and off the mat.

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